About Me

Business is personal. What we do, is who we are.

The Business World is Not for the Timid.

I have great empathy for entrepreneurs and business managers. The business world is not for the timid. I have been on an incredible journey the past 25 years. I started my professional career as a part-time, child-care worker. I was as far-removed from Wall Street as you could imagine. When I decided to start my first business, I was a law student living in my parents’ basement. I had never taken a finance or accounting course. To make things more interesting, I decided to start my business in communist country and I didn’t speak their language. It was the perfect foundation for success; I had no business experience, no money, no formal business education, no experience in the industry, and no cultural understanding of my marketplace.But like a true entrepreneur, I went ahead and did it anyway.

Success is Always Within Our Reach.

Within a few years, I would start and own five different companies. As the years passed, I had a greater desire to learn as many technical and managerial skills as I could. I gravitated to consulting because it gave me a platform to do the three things I enjoyed most; help people, explore the world and make money.

Thousands and Billions.

In the past twenty five years, I have had the privilege of working with more than 200 different companies. As CEO, CRO or COO, I have directly managed more than 6,000 employees and served as an advisor for tens of thousands more in dozens of different industries. In this same period of time I have helped to restructure and re-finance several billions of dollars of debt for my clients.
I have worked hard to learn every facet of a company’s life. I spent most of my years in the turnaround and restructuring worlds. They were complex, fast-paced and highly charged. Often times there were no right answers. Our choices were between bad and worse. It was in this environment where I learned to separate good from bad, find the highest value in people and products and mostly, how to do all of this with no money and little time.

Reaching a larger audience.

Today, I focus most of my speaking, writing and consulting on helping small companies either avoid a crisis or manage through it. On occasion, I will accept an interim-management role…where I jump into a fire, take the steering wheel and try to save a business from the brink.
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