A Business is a Living Entity. Respect all Aspects of its Life.


When I begin an engagement, I understand that you’ve hired me because you are seeking excellence, but something is in your way. You’re stalled or stuck on your journey to being healthier and wealthier. I’m here to take the worries away. It’s my job to remove all obstacles. Regardless of how many clients I have worked with, I approach each new project with a blank slate. I begin by asking questions, lots of questions. My first task is to find information, wherever it may be.


Growth takes energy and an open mind. Sometimes, the biggest challenge to a business is our own pre-conceived notions, biases and prejudices. When you are stalled or stuck, you have to find a balance between preserving the good in a company and, forgetting the past. I believe that most answers are not found in the boardroom. The answers are on the front-lines. They are in the hands, feet and eyes of every employee, customer and supplier. I gather information and perspective from as many different stakeholders as I can.


My primary goal is to improve cash-flow, profitability and quality of the working environment. I achieve this through creativity, teamwork and persistent focus. Once I have listened and gathered data, I separate fact from opinion. Everyone has an opinion but I work from comprehensive data. Once we have facts, then I play. I am hired to challenge existing realities and find new paths to success for you and your company. I pride myself in taking unique, unconventional and sometimes courageous courses of action for my clients.