Is Your Business At Risk?

Buy Time, Find Cash, Create Calm – Fast.

Is your business at risk of financial ruin? It’s not too late.  I’m ready and here to help. In my eyes, there is some value in every business, even in dead or dying industries. The challenge is to find it and isolate it from all other deteriorating aspects of the company. This can only be done with a creative, optimistic mind-set that harnesses all levels of stake-holders, including; employees, customers, suppliers and creditors.

To achieve this, I can do one or all of the following;

Conduct a Viability Assessment & Develop a Turnaround Action Plan

Assist with all levels of Implementing an Operational Restructuring

Lead and Assist with all Creditor Negotiations

Financial Modeling and Cash Management

Perform Debt & Equity Fund Raising

Serve as Interim Management

Serve as Financial and Operational Adviser in Bankruptcy

Assist with the Disposition of Assets and/or Sale of Entire Company