Everybody Loves a Winner.

A sample of successful consulting engagements.


 $500M Consumer Electronics Distributor

Financial and Operations Advisor

  • Company EBITDA declined 70% in two years
  • Helped re-focus management on core customer base. Re-aligned business, streamlining order-fulfillment, logistics & inventory control
  • Improved EBITDA by 50% in six months

$150M Multi-National Metal Stamper

Financial and Operations Advisor

  • Company struggled to vertically integrate rapid acquisitions. Had amassed, $22M in Senior Debt, $60M in Sub-Debt and an additional $14M in trade-debt.
  • Identified and isolated the profitable divisions. Aggressively wound-down other divisions while negotiating and paying down all creditors.
  • Senior Lenders were paid in full in six months. Trade Creditors were paid in full in 18 months. Sub-Debt was re-paid in four years. Sales grew by 35%. Value of business improved 300% in the same period of time.

$35M National Retailer


  • Company lost identity in the marketplace. Experienced double-digit sales and margin decreases, year-over-year. Customer satisfaction was very low. Employee turnover was 45% at managerial level and 90% at sales associate level.
  • Changed management style to be more team-based and customer focused.
  • Narrowed the scope and focus of the customer base. Relentlessly gathered and managed key metrics. Re-built entire financial, merchandising and POS systems.
  • In less than one year, revenue increased 12%, gross margins improved 11%, inventory turns improved 55%. Customer returns stabilized at 1%. Employee turnover, at all levels declined to 5%.

Metropolitan Housing Authority

Operations Advisor

  • Division of HUD (Housing and Urban Development). Provides affordable housing options to approx. 10,000 households. Struggled to improve level of service without increasing budget.
  • Stream-lined, re-configured, re-defined and re-purposed the enrollment, program, inventory management, maintenance operations, reporting systems and re-certification program.
  • In seven months, reduced new resident applicant time from 67 days to zero. Increased Section 8 utilization from 87% to 99%. Reduced inventory levels by 80%. Reduced accounts payable process time by 85%. Improved re-certification productivity by 350%. Increased PHAS scoring system to highest possible operating level.

$250M International Defense Contractor

Financial & Operations Advisor

  • Successful company sought to make acquisitions of two separate business with multiple locations. Wanted to identify synergistic opportunities for integration.
  • In 30 days, assessed and developed plans for merging operations, stream-lining order-fulfillment, manufacturing, distribution, inventory control and logistics.
  • Improved operating profit for the acquisition targets by 27% collectively.